Free furniture day

BluegateLogoBigAfter the success of yet another free furniture day, we have now decided to have free furniture days, everyday.

Our Next Free Furniture day will be on:

Any Week Day

YES, just call and we will give you free furniture.

Call 07967 50 40 30 and let us know what you would like, and you can have it FREE.

You can call now, if you are a family in need, and need any free furniture.


You will then need to call us before 2.00pm on the day you want to collect furniture, to see what items we have to give away, plus we will be able to tell you what time to be at out depot.

Then all you do is turn up and take what you want!!!!! There is nothing to pay.

Free Delivery

We are happy to deliver good such as sofas, beds, wardrobes etc within a 5 mile radius of Winchester.

We are happy to deliver a quantity of furniture, ie a van load, or close to it, within a 10 mile of Winchester.

Whats the catch

There is NO catch. Why do you do it then, you maybe thinking?

Well this is why. We get charged to take good furniture to a recycle centre. We cannot take it to a local tip, as we are licensed waste carriers, (licensed  by Winchester County Council). Every time we take a van load of good furniture to be recycled, we have to pay. Currently we are paying a minimum of £200 per van load. (2017 prices)

 So I have now decided rather than pay to recycle our goods, we shall recycle them ourselves, and give them away. If you would like any further details. why not call us on Tel: 07967 50 40 30.

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