Recycle – No excuse

It is amazing how easy it is to give items a new lease of life. Here are some examples. It only takes a little time and imagination. We are happy to help anyone who is wishing to recycle items.

whc recycle 1   whc recycle 2

This old umbrella stand came out of a house clearance. What a difference!!!

You may find items you think are brass are actually silverplated. These tankards only had a polish and nothing else.

whc recycle 3   whc recycle 4

Or they may look black or fire damaged. Again clean them up, and there you have it. Silver Plate.

whc b   whc b2

These sugar bowls are actually Elkington Plate from 1874 and do have value.

whc 5   whc 6

Furniture is a little bit more difficult. We french polished this item ourselves. It honestly looked better in real life, than in this picture.

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